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To build wealth , Of course the smart way !

Established in 2011, with an aim to help the makers of the economy that is 'YOU' to follow your dreams, ANSWERS FINANCIAL PLANNERS PVT. LTD serves as a customized guide for every individual who seeks assistance to manage his or her money better. Seeking the best-suited solution fulfilling not only your wants but also your needs, while you dream-on, our primary objective is to guide you strategically through obstacles and risk. Providing unparalleled attention to each of our clients, we consider the company to be a progressive organization now and always, striving hard to earn faith and create a strong goodwill. Dream, desire keep us alive & we always tent to achieve more & more as we keep on achieving target/ goal one after another. Understanding your various dreams, is the most important & critical part of investor & advisor relationship & we understand it better.

Monitor your investments and attune them to your requirements. Besides this we keep a close watch on the happening globally & try to analyze the situation, we study its impact on the investments done. Everyone works hard to earn our leaving, we try n' save as much as possible for a better tomorrow. Aiming for a better tomorrow we invest. Various investment products are created & marketed & most of them are marketed emotionally as a result you may tend to ignore important information related to the product before investing. No product is right or wrong it is only about its suitability to different class of investors, as an advisor we need to give our investor the right product for a desired result. Decisions related to tax and investment makes a huge difference in your financial affairs over the period of time. One mistake and you could lose a lot of money and peace of mind in life. Sadly, there is no general advice, which you can follow up blindly and make decisions even in rare situations.Well, this is where financial advisors come into existence.

We have highly qualified and experienced team of financial advisors who manage the investment advisory services of the firm. To deliver the best, & give you a ethical unbiased advisory services we bring together a team of experts namely AMOL PAGARE, YUVARAJ WAIKAR AND SUJIT GAIDHANI, who with a combined experience of 30 years in the fields of Investment Advisory, Private Banking and Consulting, and having worked with industries top notch leading companies, from this vast work experience they have taken the positives practices & filtered out the negatives practices & have incorporate ANSWERS FINANCIAL PLANNERS PVT. LTD. where their individual skills, knowledge & ethical practice will help to give you the best possible result for a better tomorrow.

Team Of Experts

Amol Pagare

Yuvaraj Waikar

Sujit Gaidhani